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Please find the industry terms listed in alphibetical order.

Annular Nail - pallet nail with annular (circular ring) threads rolled onto the shank.

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Banding Notch - see strap slot

Bin - four-sided superstructure to be mounted on a pallet base, with or without a cover; also known as a box or container bin pallet.

Block Style - pallets that have 9 'blocks' of wood (usually 6" long by 4" wide by 4" high) between decks instead of having 'stringers' to support the top deck. This style allows for 4-way access while keeping the amount of wood used in it's construction to a minimum.

Block Pallet - a type of pallet with blocks between the pallet decks or beneath the top deck.

Butted Deck Board - an inner deck board placed tightly against an adjacent lead deck board during pallet assembly.

Bottom Deck - assembly of deck boards comprising the lower, load bearin surface of the pallet.

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CAD - computer-aided-design software that allows the design of the "right" pallet at the best value; see Pallet Design System (PDS).

Captive Pallet - a pallet intended for use within the confines of a single facility, system or ownership; not intended to be exchanged.

Chamfered Deck Boards – deck boards with edges of one or two faces beveled, either along the full or specified length of board or between the stringers or blocks, allowing easier entry of pallet jack wheels.

Closed Distribution System - shipping system restricted to moving goods between specified plants and facilities.

Collar - collapsible wooden container or bin which transforms a pallet into a box.

Cost-Pass Through - a cost-share system where the partial cost of a pallet is passed-through from the purchaser to the receiver of the pallet.

Cost-Per-Trip - average cost of pallet use for a single one-way trip.

CPC - a pallet specifically designed by the Canadian Pallet Council to meet the exacting requirements of the North American food/grocery industry as to its longevity, durability, exact size, cleanliness and universality of condition.

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Deck - one or more boards or panels comprising the top or bottom surface of the pallet.

Deck Mat- assembly of deck boards and stringer boards, forming the deck of a block pallet.

Deck Board - element or component of a pallet deck, oriented perpendicular to the stringer or stringer board.

Deck Board Spacing - distance between adjacent deck boards.

Deck board span - distance between deck board supports (stringers, stringer boards or blocks).

Deflection - the amount of deformation or bending in a pallet or pallet component under load.

Dimensions - see pallet dimensions.

Double-Face Pallet - a pallet with top and bottom deck boards extending beyond the edges of the stringers or stringer boards.

Drive Screw Nail - helically (continuous spiral) threaded pallet nail.