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Please find the industry terms listed in alphibetical order.

Economic Life – out put from program which identifies the number of trips the pallet will make, provided it is properly repaired, which maximizes a return on investment.

Exchange Pallet - a pallet intended for use among a designated group of shippers and receivers where ownership of the pallet is transferal with the ownership of the unit load; common pool pallet

Expendable Pallet - a pallet intended for a series of handlings during a single trip from shipper to receiver; it is then disposed; see shipping pallet

Euro Block Style - a 'block' pallet specifically constructed to fill the requirements of the smaller, inner city truck size used in Europe.

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Fastener - a mechanical devise for joining pallet components such as nails, staples, bolts or screws.

Fastener Shear Index - relative measure of shear resistance of the pallet fastener.

Flush Pallet - a pallet with deck boards flush with the stringers, stringer-boards or blocks along the sides of the pallet.

Fork Entry - opening between decks, beneath the top deck or beneath the stringer notch to admit forks.

Four-Way Block Pallet - a pallet with openings at both pallet ends and along pallet sides sufficient to admit hand-pallet jacks; full four-way entry pallet.

Free Span - the distance between supports in a warehouse rack.

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Grade # 1 - Pallets with small (<2") gaps between top boards, 5 bottom boards, intact stringers that haven't been repaired and the proper bottom board spacing to safely sit on racking.

Grade # 2 - Pallets with sometimes larger (up to 3") gaps between top boards, 3 or more bottom boards, intact stringers that may have been repaired and bottom board spacing that usually isn't suitable for racking.

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Hand (Wheel) Jack Opening - space provided in the bottom deck to allow pallet jack wheels to bear on the floor.

Handling - a single pick-up, movement and set-down of a loaded or empty pallet.

Hardened-Steel Nail - heat-treated and tempered steel pallet nail with a MIBANT angle between 8 and 28 degrees.

Hardwood - wood from broad-leaved species of trees (not necessarily hard or dense).

Helical Nail - helically (continuous spiral) threaded pallet nail, see also drive screw nail.

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Inner Deck Board - any deck board located between the end deck boards.

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Jint - intersection and connection of components, often identified by location within the pallet as the end joint, center joint and corner joint.