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Please find the industry terms listed in alphibetical order.

Quality - consistent performance of a uniform product meeting the customer's needs for economy and function.

Racked Across Deck Boards - output from PDS program describing the maximum load carrying capacity and deflection of a pallet where the rack frame supports the pallet only at the ends of the deck boards.

Racked Across Stringers - output from PDS program describing the maximum load carrying capacity and deflection of a pallet where the rack frame supports the pallet only at the ends of the stringers or stringer boards.

Repair - to remake in order to use again.

Recycling - a pallet, container or reel that has been used, discarded, salvaged, repaired and which passes through a cycle again.

Rental Pallet - a pallet owned by a third party, different from the actual pallet user.

Returnable/Reusable Pallet - a pallet designed to be used for more than one trip.

Reversible Pallet - a pallet with identical top and bottom decks.

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Shipping Pallet - pallet designed to be used for a single one-way trip from shipper to receiver; it is then disposed; see expendable pallet.

Shook - cut-to-size pallet parts to be assembled into pallets.

Shook Grade - the classification of the quality of pallet parts relative to performance characteristics based on size and distribution of defects, independent of wood species.

Single-Wing Pallet - a pallet with the deck boards extending beyond the edges of the stringers or stringer-boards with the bottom deck boards flush (if present).

Skid - a pallet having no bottom deck.

Slave Pallet - pallet, platform or single, thick panel used as a support base for a palletized load in rack-storage facilities or production systems.

Soft Nail - pallet nail with a MIBANT angle equal to or greater than 47 degrees.

Softwood - wood from coniferous or needle-bearing species of trees (not necessarily soft or low density).

Solid Deck Pallet - a pallet constructed with no spacing between deck boards.

Span - the distance between stringer or block supports.

Stevedore Pallet - a pallet designed for use on seaport shipping docks, normally of heavy-duty, double-wing construction.

Stiff-Stock Steel Nail - pallet nail made of medium-high carbon steel without heat treatment and tempering with MIBANT angle between 29 and 46 degrees.

Strap Slot - recess or cutout on the upper edge of the stringer or the bottom of the top deckboard to allow tie-down of a unit load to the pallet deck with strapping/banding, also called the banding notch strapping - thin flat bands used to secure load to pallet.

Stringer - continuous, longitudinal, solid or notched beam-component of the pallet used to support deck components, often identified by location as the outside or center stringer. These are usually 2"x4"s, although in some cases they may be as large as 4"x4".

Stringer Board - in block pallets, continuous, solid board member extending for the full length of the pallet perpendicular to deck board members and placed between deck boards and blocks.

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