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Please find the industry terms listed in alphibetical order.

Length - refers to the stringer or stringer board (in block pallets) length; also refers to the first dimension given to describe a pallet, i.e., 48" x 40", where 48" is the pallet stringer/stringer board length.

Life to First Repair - output from PDS program which is equivalent to the number of trios the Pallet will last before needing repair.

Line load - the weight of a unit load concentrated along a narrow area across the full length or width of the pallet.

Load Bearing Surface - actual area of material in contact with and supporting a unit load.

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MIBANT Angle - the bend angle in a fastener shank when subjected to a MIBANT test.

MIBANT Test (Morgan Impact Bend Angle Nail Tester) - standard impact nail tester used in the pallet and lumber industry as an indication of impact bend resistance of nails or staples.

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Nail - fastener made from endless wire by cutting a point and forming a head at the shank end opposite the point.

National Wooden Pallet & Container Association - a national association with the goal of promoting the de- sign, manufacturer, distribution, recycling and sale of pallets, containers and reels.

Non-Reversible Pallet - a pallet with bottom deck board configuration different from top deck.

Notch - cutout in lower portion of the stringer to allow entry for the fork tine, usually 9" in length, 1-1/2" in depth.

Notched Stringer - a stringer with two notches spaced for fork-tine entry, (partial four-way entry).

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Opening Height - the vertical distance measured between decks, from the floor to the underside of the top deck, or from the floor to the top of the stringer notch.

Overall Height - the vertical distance measured from the floor to the top side of the top deck.

Overhang - the distance the deck extends from the outer edge of the stringer or stringer board; wing; lip;

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Pallet - a portable, horizontal, rigid platform used as a base for assembling, storing, stacking, handling and transporting goods as a unit load, often equipped with a superstructure.

Pallet Design System (PDS) – reliability based computer-aided design (CAD) program, for determining the safe load carrying capacity, performance, life and economy of wooden pallets.

Pallet-Dimensions - when specifying pallet size, the stringer or stringer board (block pallet) length is always expressed first; for example, a 48" x 40" pallet has a 48" stringer or stringer board and 40" deck boards.

Pallet Jack - hand-propelled, wheeled platform, equipped with a lifting device for moving palletized unit loads

Pallet Life - the period during which the pallet remains useful, expressed in units of time or in the number of one way trips.

Panel Deck Pallet - pallet constructed with composite or structural panel top deck.

Partial Four-Way Stringer Pallet - a pallet with notched stringers.

Post Pallet - a pallet fitted with posts or blocks between the decks or beneath the top deck; see block pallet.